Mysuru civic body to provide B Khata to 50k revenue houses

01 Feb 2022

The Karnataka government has proposed to promote B Khata site holders to the A Khata group in Bengaluru.The Mysuru Municipal Corporation approved a plan to provide the B Khata to the 50,000 revenue houses in Mysuru.

If the government approves this offer, the corporation would have to acquire Rs 25 crore as revenue from these properties every year.

Many properties were within the corporation’s limits without any Khata or tax records. Despite this, the corporation provided them with underground drainage, water, street lights, roads, parks, cleanliness, and additional basic facilities.

In a recent meeting, the council evaluated and discussed this issue and approved the proposal to give the khata-less B Khatas, and the offer was sent to the government.

Currently, just 10% of revenue layouts are registered in the office of sub-registrar and fetching tax corporations.

For the officials to verify the location of the property and to publish a newspaper notification to the state property, residents must provide their electricity or gas bills. So, the property is enrolled in the B Khata list process.

After not receiving any objections from the public, the property is registered in the B register, and an ID number is issued.

Under the Akrama-Sakrama scheme, if the government approves a property, a B Khata can be changed into an A Khata.

According to the Karnataka Municipal Corporations Act (KMC) 1976, the city corporation can impose a tax on empty spaces and buildings in its jurisdiction. Once levied, the revenue landowners suffering from a lack of loan facilities from the bank can be profited as well.

Lakshmikanth Reddy, Commissioner Mysuru City, told the media that in Mysuru, 50,000 houses do not have Khatas.

The corporation is not earning any income from these properties. After they are added to the B register, landowners will receive the documents, and the corporation would get tax, increasing their revenue by 20%.

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