NLCIL mines get five-star rating of Coal Ministry

01 Apr 2023

In a survey conducted by the Union Coal Ministry, the lignite, and coal-based mines of the Neyveli Lignite Corporation of India Ltd (NLCIL) received top marks and five-star ratings for the years 2020–2021 and 2021–2022 respectively.

In the nation's study of open cast lignite and coal mines for the years 2020–2021 and 2021–2022, Neyveli Mines I and II came in first and second, respectively. According to a news release from NLCIL, the mines received the highest scores in their class, 97 and 96 respectively out of a possible 100. 

In addition, NLCIL's lignite mines (Mine-I & Mine-II in Neyveli and Barsingsar Mine in Rajasthan) and coal mine (Talabira in Odisha) have earned 5-star ratings for the years 2020-21 and 2021-22, while the other lignite mine (Mine-IA) in Neyveli received 4-star ratings.

Around 200 open-cast mines and 150 underground mines participated in the survey for these ratings, and performance was evaluated based on seven modules, including those related to mining operations, the environment, the adoption of technology and best mining practises, economic performance, rehabilitation and resettlement, employee/worker compliance, safety and security, and economic performance.

The NLCIL states that a high-level staff individually visits each mine, examines, assesses, and rates all of the modules before assigning star ratings.

All five of the NLCIL's operating mines were recently examined by a team, and the survey results were released by the Coal Control Organisation on April 13.

Prasanna Kumar Motupalli, CMD, NLCIL, who along with the functional Directors thanked the executives and staff of NLCIL mines for the accomplishment, noted that it was a source of particular pride that during 2020–21, only 15 mines were given 5-star ratings out of the nation's 199 open cast lignite/coal mines. They included the Talabira Coal Mine, NLCIL Mine I, and Mine II.

In a similar vein, just 18 open cast mines—including the 4 from NLCIL—were given 5-star ratings during 2021–2022, out of the 206 open cast mines in the nation.

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