NMC to use garbage to produce bio-CNG and green hydrogen

01 Jan 2022

Nagpur’s Mayor Dayashankar Tiwari has announced that the Nagpur Municipal Corporation (NMC) will produce bio-CNG and green hydrogen from 1,050 mt of garbage with no capital investment or operating and maintenance costs.

Tiwari also announced that the civic body's 200-bed Paediatric Covid Hospital, which is being built at the RTMNU building on Ambazari Road, will open on January 15.

Tiwari addressed a press conference on Sunday, detailing the projects he had planned and the work he had completed during his one-year term.

Tiwari said that A company from the Netherlands met with Minister Nitin Gadkari and proposed developing a bio-CNG plant. Every day, NMC will deliver 1,000 mt of wet and dry garbage to the company. The firm will buy 25 acres of land, build a plant, and operate and maintain it. The company has also promised to share a portion of its revenue with NMC.

Tiwari informed the company about the company's plans to sell bio CNG in the central pool.

Neeri has also prepared designs for green crematoriums for NMC, according to Tiwari, which will be implemented soon.

Tiwari admitted there had been a delay, but said the 200-bed Paediatric Covid-19 Hospital was almost finished.

Tiwari informed that the hospital would be opened in July 2021 after completing his six-month term. Despite the passage of six months, no work has been completed. NMC developed a dedicated Covid hospital for children with the help of the National Cancer Institute, citing expert predictions that children would be infected during the third wave.

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