Noida Authority approves demolition of Supertech twin towers

01 Jan 2022

The Noida Authority has approved a proposal of razing two residential towers in Supertech Emerald Court society. In 2021, the Supreme Court had ordered the demolition of the Apex and Ceyane towers because they were built violating the law.

There is a need to renew the demolition decision after the Supreme Court heard a petition from homebuyers who have not received their refunds from the company and expressed displeasure on the demolition decision within three months of the judgment not being compiled.

According to Edifice Engineering, Supertech will have to pay for the demolition work.

Ritu Maheshwari, CEO of Noida Authority, said that they have gone through the proposal of the demolition agency, and Central Building Research Institute (CBRI) planned the demolition work. Supertech Limited has asked to issue the work order soon.

As per Edifice's proposal, the work will take six months to complete until all the debris is cleared.

Some permissions and no-objection certificates (NOC) are required from different government agencies, including the state pollution control board, traffic police department, electricity department, aviation ministry and from Noida Authority's departments such as sewerage, civil, engineering, town planning and horticulture.

According to sources, around 4,000 tonnes of steel could be removed from the debris, increasing the cost of demolition from its estimated cost of Rs 10 crore.

Another challenge is securing the buildings and structures within 50 m of the twin towers. A premium for ensuring the safety of those structures has to be worked out with the companies.

Edifice has proposed to raze the residential towers through a waterfall implosion collapse mechanism. This method was used to bring down the 108 m Bank of Lisbon in Johannesburg. However, Apex is taller than the other, with 100 m in height.

Ceyane will be the first building to be razed, having 97 m in height. The Apex tower will implode in the direction of Ceyane through an induced lateral pull away from the direction of other buildings in the Emerald Court zone. The residential towers will collapse inward, and the debris will fall into the cavernous basement.

The company has decided to place stacks of shipping containers filled with sandbags to absorb shockwaves.

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