Rajasthan Unveils Green Hydrogen incentives

01 Sep 2023

Rajasthan, a key player in India's renewable energy landscape, has unveiled a comprehensive set of incentives to foster the growth of green hydrogen projects within the state. This move aligns with the broader national push towards sustainable and clean energy sources. The incentives come in the form of financial support, policy simplifications, and infrastructure development, designed to attract investments and promote green hydrogen production.
Key incentives include financial aid, preferential land allocation, and access to low-cost renewable energy. These measures are poised to make Rajasthan an attractive destination for businesses and investors seeking to tap into the green hydrogen market, which is gaining momentum globally due to its potential to decarbonise various sectors, including transportation and industry.
Rajasthan's proactive stance on green hydrogen aligns with India's ambitious renewable energy targets and aims to reduce carbon emissions. This initiative is expected to catalyse the establishment of green hydrogen production facilities, positioning Rajasthan as a hub for sustainable energy solutions in the country.

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