Shantui launches ‘World’s First’ Autonomous, Unmanned Bulldozer

01 Sep 2022

The first unmanned bulldozer in the world has reportedly been created by Huazhong University of Science and Technology (HUST) researchers and construction equipment manufacturer Shantui.

The team has tested the machine, which can follow operating instructions and operate independently without remote control, more than 100 times over the last three years.

The fully autonomous dozer from Shantui was created at HUST's National Digital Construction Technology Innovation Center in Wuhan under the project name DH17C2U. A powerful computing system, accurate positioning system, and 5G communication enable autonomous operation.

Material can be pushed and leveled by the machine, even in conditions of extreme cold as low as -10 degrees. Later this year, additional testing in mining and infrastructure construction scenarios is planned.

When the technology is ready, Shantui intends to release the device on the market. According to the company, the use of autonomous machines on construction sites will result in numerous safety advantages and labor cost savings.

Depending on how you define autonomy, Shantui is not the first manufacturer to enter the market for self-driving bulldozers.

2019 Bauma is where Liebherr unveiled a concept dozer without a cab. The 7XX model needs an operator operating from a remote control station, unlike Shantui's model.

Built Robotics released an aftermarket kit in 2020 that allows any manufacturer's bulldozer to be transformed into an entirely autonomous device. Exosystem-equipped dozers from Built Robotics are capable of finishing grading, spreading and pushing material, ripping, and track walking, the company claims.

Huazhong University of Science and Technology (HUST);

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