Steel industry to work in a time-bound action plan to reduce emissions

01 May 2022

To reduce emissions from the steel sector, a high-level meeting was held at Shimla.

Ramchandra Prasad Singh, the union minister for steel, presided over the parliamentary consultative committee. The panellists discussed various aspects of steel manufacturing emissions and roadblocks to meeting the Green steel aim.

The Chairman urged the steel industry to work together to produce a time-bound action plan to reduce emissions. He urged all parties involved to work together to reduce emissions from the steel industry.

India has pledged to reduce carbon emissions at COP26. The chairman also emphasised the importance of promoting Atmanirbhar Bharat.

The meeting's theme, Transition to Green Steel, was thoroughly addressed, and recommendations from many attendees were taken into consideration.

Top officials from the Ministry of Steel, including senior officials and specialists from the steel sector, suggested useful recommendations for the transition to Green Steel. The benefits and cons of various strategies and technologies that the steel industry can use to make green steel, as well as their Technology Readiness Levels (TRLs) and when they will be commercially accessible, were discussed.

The debate focused on the prospects for using Green Hydrogen in the production of iron, as well as the utilisation of CCUS technologies to reduce emissions in line with COP26 pledges.

Government interventions are needed to address the difficulties and constraints, as well as the path forward for generating Green Steel.

Because the usage of fossil fuel-based energy and the reduction process are strongly integrated into steel manufacturing, the iron and steel sector faces unique challenges in reducing CO2 emissions.

The use of coal-based energy sources as a reluctance in the Indian iron and steel sector results in higher emissions.

As per the COP26 commitments, the Indian steel industry must drastically reduce its emissions, and the pressure to do so is increasing every day.

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