Swargate to Shivajinagar Metro to open soon for Punekars

01 Sep 2023

The Pune Metro has commenced construction on the Swargate metro station, and it is currently 85% complete. Nevertheless, metro officials express their optimism regarding the imminent completion of the Swargate underground metro station. Dr Hemant Sonawane, Executive Director of Public Relations and Administration at Pune Metro, mentioned that the work on the Mandai and Budhwar Peth metro stations is also progressing rapidly. He went on to add that based on the current rate of progress, it seems likely that the Swargate station will be finished first. The metro's second phase has been recently inaugurated, and efforts are being put into the planning of the next two phases. Soon, passengers will have the opportunity to travel from Ruby Hall Station to Ramwadi via the metro. Currently, three tube stations along the route from Civil Court to Swargate remain incomplete. To expedite the completion of these stations, the metro is simultaneously working on all three. Swargate holds a pivotal position in the city and is often referred to as the "heart of Pune." It witnesses a significant daily influx of people and vehicles and also houses a prominent Maharashtra State Road Transport Corporation station. Hence, the metro administration is in the process of constructing a large commercial station, termed a multimodal metro hub. This station is situated underground, with the upper floors of the building designated for commercial purposes. The project is nearing its completion. Also read:? Kanpur Metro's TBM 'Nana' achieves third major breakthrough https://www.constructionworld.in/transport-infrastructure/metro-rail-and-railways-infrastructure/kanpur-metro-s-tbm--nana--achieves-third-major-breakthrough/44422 RB clears 2 infra proiects of 12 cr for Sambalpur, Balasore https://www.constructionworld.in/transport-infrastructure/metro-rail-and-railways-infrastructure/rb-clears-2-infra-proiects-of-12-cr-for-sambalpur--balasore/44412

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