Tamil Nadu CM to introduce third master plan for Chennai by 2025

01 Apr 2023

The Chennai Metropolitan Development Authority (CMDA) is currently creating the vision document for the Chennai Metropolitan Area's third masterplan (2026-2046), which covers an area of 1,189 square kilometers.

The comprehensive plan intends to address issues like as transportation and infrastructure in order to transform the city into a progressive, inclusive, and global metropolis.

According to P K Sekar Babu, Minister for CMDA, Tamil Nadu Chief Minister M K Stalin is scheduled to release the document by December 2025.

The minister also mentioned that North Chennai might be one of the 20-year masterplan's focal points. The CMDA intends to move on with the vision document in a participative manner, encompassing comprehensive, environmentally sustainable, economically vibrant, and inclusive development.

The document is intended to contribute to the creation of a cleaner, greener, and healthier city, with an emphasis on smart and sustainable urban growth. A city masterplan is a blueprint that directs a city's future growth and development. It includes zoning, buildings, municipal infrastructure, transportation, and social contexts, among other things. The process of developing a masterplan comprises analysis and ideas based on the region's specific characteristics.

To ensure an inclusive planning process, the CMDA has placed QR code boards in public places throughout the city to collect feedback on the third masterplan and Chennai's future.

Residents can use the QR code technology to scan and respond to a series of 14 questions separated into categories such as housing, quality of life, recreation, environment, economy, investment attractiveness, and their vision of the city's future image.

Experts and citizens in urban planning have emphasized the need of incorporating varied stakeholder viewpoints and taking into account input from all inhabitants and social groups.

Initially, the CMDA hired a consultant to hold public meetings in all 29 zones of the Chennai Metropolitan Area, however due to low attendance, authorities were directed to engage with publics directly.

As a result, officials have been arranging vision survey campaigns in various public spaces.

"In the last four months, CMDA has been working on creating the vision document. Our government wants full public participation in the initiative, we want residents' views in creating the city for them. As of now, we have 17,000 responses and we expect a minimum of 50,000 responses," said Sekar Babu, as per the TOI report.

The creation of the third masterplan for Chennai will act as a substantial roadmap in enhancing the city's infrastructure and tackling critical challenges like transportation, environment, and urban growth.

Previously, the state government notified numerous nearby villages of its intention to expand them into new towns as part of the Chennai Metropolitan expansion plan.

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