TCIL seeks bids for a 25 MW solar project in Mauritius

01 Apr 2023

A 25 MW grid-connected solar power project in Mauritius with a corresponding transmission line up to the point of dispatch to the grid has been put out to bid by Telecommunications Consultants India (TCIL), a Government of India enterprise.

Additionally, for a year, the project's operation and maintenance (O&M) must be under the control of the winning bidder.

The bids must be submitted by April 28, 2023. The day of the opening of bids will be used.

The purpose of this tender is to find a partner willing to collaborate with TCIL only on the aforementioned project.

Within ten days of receiving the letter of award, the winning bidder must provide a performance security deposit equal to 5% of the total contract value.

Bidders must have prior experience as an engineering, procurement, and construction (EPC) partner, management EPC partner, or sub-EPC partner in solar installations that have been connected to the grid and successfully completed within the last seven years in order to participate in the bidding process.

The successful completion of one similar project with a capacity of at least 17.5 MW, two projects with a capacity of at least 12.5 MW, or three projects with a capacity of at least 10 MW during the previous seven years is required of bidders.

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