The second generation leads the way ahead

01 Jan 2023

When her father PS Patel, Chairman, Managing Director and CEO of PSP Projects, asked her to join the company, she wanted to be onsite and start from scratch. Not the easiest decision for a father, considering not many women choose to work at construction sites. But for Pooja Patel, Executive Director, PSP Projects, a six to eight-month experience onsite was necessary to develop a better understanding about the work. “The fieldwork gave me exposure in execution and to unseen challenges, which I would not have realised sitting in the office,” she affirms. “If you want to do good things, you need to have that onsite experience.” Indeed, of her nine years at work, seven years have been onsite. Confident and outspoken, Patel elaborates upon her overall experience and how the second generation is focusing on the company’s growth in a virtual conversation with SHRIYAL SETHUMADHAVAN.

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