Torrent Power implements green hydrogen pilot project for CGD network

01 Jul 2023

Torrent Power announced that it is currently engaged in a pilot initiative to combine green hydrogen with natural gas in the city gas distribution (CGD) network. The pilot project is taking place in Gorakhpur, Uttar Pradesh, and is expected to be completed within eight months, as stated by the company.

In their official statement, Torrent Power stated, "We are in the process of implementing a pilot project to introduce green hydrogen blending into the CGD network. This significant milestone in our venture into the green hydrogen business in India utilises an alkaline electrolyser to blend 2.5 per cent green hydrogen (GH2) into the CGD network."

Green hydrogen, or GH2, is created through the electrolysis of water using renewable energy sources. By integrating GH2 into the existing natural gas supply, a gradual shift toward a cleaner and more sustainable energy mix can be achieved.

Torrent Power holds a prominent position in the power sector of the country, being one of the largest companies involved in the entire power value chain, which includes generation, transmission, and distribution. 

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