Infrastructure projects worth Rs 100 billion announced in Assam

01 Mar 2023

Ajanta Neog, State Finance Minister, Assam, made a number of announcements regarding infrastructure projects as he delivered the Assam Budget 2023–24 to the Legislative Assembly.

Projects of Rs 100 billion are being undertaken as part of the NIDA initiative to develop infrastructure in the transportation, tourism, educational, and other social sectors. Several significant infrastructure projects would be finished between 2023 and 2024.

Also, she discussed the Asom Mala programme, whose several execution pillars include SOPD, externally funded projects, and NIDA (NABARD Infrastructure Development Assistance).

14 highways totaling 343 km in length have been assigned to 18 contracts as part of the SOPD leg. There are five 110 km long works that are finished. The remaining packages are at various states of completion and will be mostly done by 2024.

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