Visakhapatnam roads to be widened at about Rs 4 crore

01 May 2022

The Greater Visakhapatnam Municipal Corporation (GVMC) has decided to widen 10 roads at their junctions to facilitate free flow of traffic with about Rs 4 crore. These 10 roads are spread 14 kilometres in length. The GVMC will develop these roads with the funds devised under the 15th finance commission grants.

Apart from widening of these 10 roads at the junctions, traffic junctions will also be modernised. These junctions include Kommadi, Yendada, Law College, Old Dairy Farm, Hanumanthawaka, R&B junction, Kakani Nagar, Gajuwaka, Lankelapalem and Simhachalam.

The increased traffic signals and vehicular growth over the years have been making it difficult for the riders. For instance, one has to pass through 12 traffic signals to reach NAD junction from Maddilapalem.

As per reports, tenders have already been floated for development of these 10 traffic junctions. There are also proposals to provide end-to-end paving for 10 other important roads with 20 crore. 

The road widening is one of the components included in the report submitted by the GVMC to the state government to reduce pollution in the city. The increased junction capacity is expected to reduce vehicular emissions as it will reduce the slowing-down time at the traffic posts.

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