What are the 3 S’s in High-Rises?

01 Aug 2022

Modern-day high-rises do not shy away from scaling newer heights.
As urbanisation continues at a rapid clip, the dominion of high-rises keeps expanding. The scarce availability of premium spaces in metro cities only augments the problem. Little wonder then, that high-rises being built these days are 100 m to 200 m tall. Scaling new heights is a natural progression for high-rises globally. However, when this happens, there are three key factors that come into play.

Every project has a defined timeline and the same is true for high-rises. Hence, stakeholders are keen to discover newer ways of catalysing the process of high-rise construction. The use of innovative formwork solutions is a key measure adopted by Gera Developments, a well-known developer in Pune, to scale up speed. Yogesh Lahori, Vice President - Projects, Gera Developments, says “The use of innovative aluminum formwork allows a developer to speed up the process of high-rise construction ensuring quality is not compromised. In fact, it is one of the vital procedures we have adopted to enhance our product quality and construction efficiency.”

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