Why wait for a Mason, when Mapei’s “Easy to apply” product range is here

01 Oct 2020 Long Read

MAPEI India, the leaders in manufacturer and supply of construction chemical products are happy to introduce the “Easy to Apply” range of products to the market for the easy availability and small packing with added advantage of “do it yourself concept”.

The first list of products has been chosen in such a way that you can apply these products yourself for the problems generally found in every house.

The details of “Easy to apply products” are given below:

Mapecoat DW25 is an easy to apply, two-component epoxy paint used to form a coating for use on concrete surfaces that are in contact with drinking water and foodstuffs. Mapecoat DW25 is applied by mixing Part A and Part B. This is used for the residential water tanks after cleaning. This paint gives a protective coating to the concrete surfaces. Mapecoat DW25 is certified by CFTRI for food grade usage and is available in 5 kg pack.

Mapeflex AC4 is an easy to apply paintable acrylic sealant for movements up to 12.5 per cent with a smooth effect. It is available in 310 ml cartridge.

Mapeplast Super is an integral waterproofing and superplasticier mixed easily and used for concreting or plastering. Mapeplast Super is available in 1 kg bottle.

Mapesil LM is an easy to apply neutral mould-resistant silicone sealant with very low emission level of volatile organic compounds (VOC) for stone and marble. Mapesil LM generally forms an excellent bond on non-absorbent substrates too, such as glass, ceramic, clinker, enamelled surfaces, water and solvent-based varnish, metals in general and on various types of plastic. It is also suitable for contact with absorbent mineral substrates such as concrete, render and fibre-cement. It is available in different colours as a 310 ml cartridge.

MapeSlope is an easy to apply one-component cementitious levelling mortar for building up slopes on roofs over new and old waterproof sheaths. MapeSlope is a mortar used to level off substrates with hollows on roofs or substrates that are out of flat in order to re-establish slope enough for water to run off and to make them suitable for the application of a waterproofing product. The product is available in 5 kg bags

Mapewall Plaster is an easy to apply polymer modified premixed cement-based plaster. It can be used on Interior and exterior wall surfaces. It is convenient, easy to use, stronger and bonds better to its substrate. Provides an even surface on which tiling can be done faster and efficiently. It is available in 1 kg pack.

Planicrete SBR - available in 5 kg and 1 kg packing is an easy to apply additive to improve the mechanical and adhesive characteristics of cement-based screeds, renders and thin smoothing layers.

Planiseal 88 Grey is an easy to apply osmotic cementitious mortar suitable for contact with drinking water, for waterproofing masonry and concrete structures. Planiseal 88 grey is used for waterproofing concrete or masonry tanks containing sewage water and is available in 1 kg packing.

Planiseal 88 White is an easy to apply osmotic cementitious mortar suitable for contact with drinking water, for waterproofing masonry and concrete structures. Planiseal 88 White is used for Roof waterproofing which gives added advantage of cool roof. It is available in 1 kg packing.

Planiseal 288 Plus is an easy to apply two-component normal setting cementitious coating for waterproofing and protecting concrete and is available in 5 kg (4 kg + 1 kg kit).

Kerapoxy Cleaner is an easy to use special cleaning solution for epoxy grout, suitable for cleaning operations after completing laying work and for removing traces and stains of epoxy grout from the surface of ceramic and glass coverings. It is available in 0.75 kg spray bottles.

Mapei India is also planning to add few more products in the “Easy to apply” basket shortly.

Apart from these retail products, Mapei India is also specialised in the following product lines for the project supplies.

  • Admixtures for concrete
  • Products for Repair & Structural strengthening of bridges & viaducts
  • Products for all kinds of buildings, seismic retrofitting
  • Products for waterproofing of all kinds of structures
  • Products for Elastic Sealants & Adhesives
  • Products for Cementitious & Resin Flooring
  • Products for Acoustic Insulation
  • Products for Thermal Insulation
  • Products for Resilient flooring
  • Products for Sports flooring
  • For more details on these products, please visit www.mapei.co.in