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A Concrete Solution

July 2011
Water tightness: A key parameter in extending durability of concrete structures.

Concrete structures need to resist many adverse effects externally as well as internally. Although water is essential and effective for curing concrete, it becomes a hazard for hardened reinforced concrete.Water can penetrate through the minutest of s of concrete since the porous nature of the material facilitates this through osmotic action.Once water reaches the steel reinforcement in concrete, the process of corrosion begins.This leads to deterioration and reduction in the life of structures.A substantial amount of money is currently being invested in order to protect the concrete structures against the ingress of water.

Increasing the life span
As an effective preventive measure to protect structures, they can be made watertight while being constructed. Conmix has a range of concrete additives that improve the impermeability of concrete by more than 90 percent. An advanced product like MegaAdd WL3 not only improves the water tightness of the concrete but also improves the durability parameters listed under BS EN 12390 and BS EN 480.This in turn assists in extending the life of the structure.It improves the impermeability of concrete with its unique nano technology to modify the cement matrix by reacting with the cement hydrate to reduce pore and capillary size. Another product, MegaAdd WL2 is extremely effective in making concrete hydrophobic. It is an integral water repellent admixture based on a blend of long chain selected organic derivatives. Conmix has also launched a wide range of liquid applied membranes with bridging ability. MoyaProof HF and MoyaProof WS2 are cementitious pro-ducts that are extremely flexible and easy to apply. These help in achieving joint less membranes to cover the intricate shapes and sizes of the substrate and can resist 5 to 7 bar hydrostatic pressure.

MoyaShield Uflex is another extremely versatile product offered by Conmix. It can be applied on concrete, wood and metal roofs. This light reflective coating helps in reducing the inside temperatures. It is solvent free, LEED compliant and environment friendly, along with having a UV resistant protective membrane with an elongation of more than 400 percent. It also helps in accommodating structural movements and bridging the s and protects the concrete structures in the vicinity of aggressive environment.Another single component, flexible, cold applied liquid water proofing membrane is MoyaShield PU. It is an extremely flexible membrane with elongation exceeding 500 percent.

Water tight solution
Conmix has a range of penetrating, surface-applied products to improve the water tightness of concrete structures. MoyaProof CWL and CWP are based on the latest technology of waterproofing by crystallisation. These crystals penetrate the concrete and seal the pores and capillaries. In a way, it is a ‘sub-surface membrane’, which remains active throughout the life of the structure. MoyaShield SR and MoyaShield WR are surface-applied, deep penetrating water repellents, which form the first line of defence against water ingress. To prevent water from leaking, Conmix has a range of injection products based on polyurethanes, epoxy and cement.This exhaustive, wide range of liquid applied waterproofing products provide a complete building envelope for protection.

Quality standards
Conmix follows a quality management system certified to ISO 9001, maintaining quality assurance in design, development, production, installation and service. Its products comply with all international standards and are used in more than 32 countries.Supported by modern and substantial manufacturing units, a well equipped R&D facility, state of art laboratories, experienced and qualified engineers, competent technical support department and proactive sales team, Conmix is an ideal partner for all construction needs.