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Innovation in Portable Air

June 2019
India’s first innovative drilling compressor, Atlas Copco’s XRH 1100 plus, promises to improve customer’s profit in drilling operations with 11 per cent better fuel efficiency.

With a focus on improving productivity, operating and running efficiency as well as residual value, Atlas Copco’s new XRH 1100 plus improves customer’s profit in drilling operations with 11 per cent better fuel efficiency.

Key application segmentsThe XRH 1100 plus is a tailor-made product for specialised applications like water well drilling, foundation drilling, coal mining, CBM drilling and blast hole drilling. 
The oil injected portable air compressor operating at 300 psi ensures low cost of ownership with a highly efficient screw element design and low service cost with less service intervals, as the equipment is thoroughly tested for reliability to operate at ambient temperature from 0 to 50°C, and lesser quantity of compressor oil is required.

Where is the silencer?
It is India’s first innovative drilling compressor, where the silencer is tucked away in a smart, sleek design to ensure ease of movement during transportation and movement from one drilling site to another. This ensures no damage to the silencer where the robust enclosure improves durability with no obstructions to the drill mast.

High resale value
  • Highly efficient screw element and enhanced life of 
  • prime mover.
  • Robust and reliable designed canopy.
  • Better cooling efficiency.
Higher uptime
  • Big doors for easy access to all service points.
  • Heavy duty air filter with 
  • safety cartridge. 
Better aesthetics
  • Compact footprint ensures the cubic meters occupied in the container is less, thus saving time and money.
  • Designed to ensure controlled temperature inside the box.
  • Robust enclosure improves durability.

Atlas Copco continues in its leadership in portable air technology innovation, committed to improving the efficiency of 
drillers worldwide.