We have a diverse product portfolio for the construction equipment segment.

01 Nov 2021

Gagan Pal, Vice President-Sales and Marketing, Honda India Power Products
Honda India Power Products Limited (HIPP) is a subsidiary of Honda Motor Co. Japan. Since its inception, HIPP has been the leader in the power products industry, manufacturing and marketing a diverse portfolio of power products at its state-of-the art manufacturing facility at Greater Noida. For the last 35 years, HIPP has been the preferred choice of customers worldwide and has powered the dreams of over 5 million satisfied users by ‘empowering them to do better’. HIPP has consciously made efforts to facilitate mechanisation in the agriculture and construction domains by introducing Honda’s legendary 4-stroke technology-based products like portable water pumps, power tillers, brush cutters and Honda overhead valve (OHV) engines for concrete mixers, vibrators, concrete cutters, surface levelers, soil compactors and stone breaker applications for optimal work efficiency. Gagan Pal, Vice President-Sales and Marketing, 
Honda India Power Products, shares more on the construction offerings of the company and more…

HIPP has a diversified product portfolio. Which product segments are giving you better revenues?
Traditionally, portable generators and water pumps have been the major revenue contributor. However, with increasing mechanisation in construction segments, products like general purpose engine for powering stationery and backpack sprayers, concrete mixers, vibrators, soil compactors, etc, have started to contribute significantly to the overall business.
What are the key offerings for the Indian market, especially for the construction industry?
We have a diverse product portfolio for the construction equipment segment. These include:

  • Advanced 4 Stroke GX Engines (1-22 hp) powering a range of construction equipment such as concrete mixer, needle and plate vibrators, concrete cutters, surface levelers, soil compactors and stone breakers, etc, to name a few.
  • Portable Generators (0.75 ~ 5.5 kVA) find usage at construction sites providing portable power for various electric power tools used in construction work besides lighting requirement in remote location or for emergency power back-up.
  • Power Tiller (2 hp and 5 hp) and brush cutters (1-2 hp) are finding increasing acceptance for site clearance and de-weeding applications at construction sites.
  • Honda Lawn Mowers offer an ideal solution for landscape maintenance in and around construction sites.

How are your products different from other manufacturers in the market? What are your USPs?
Honda has been a market leader in successfully introducing its 4-Stroke technology powered GX Engines for construction equipment across the world. The USPs of Honda GX Engines are its portability, light weight construction, durability and unmatched fuel efficiency, which are important for continuous and heavy-duty work requirements at any construction site.

How have you been able to make an inroad into the construction segment, especially in the engine side?
Honda 4-Stroke Over Head Valve (OHV) engine powered construction machines are well accepted worldwide for various construction-related activities owing to their unmatched fuel economy, portability, durability compact design and light weight.
In India, HIPP has been successful in introducing Honda OHV engine powered concrete mixers, cutters, vibrators, soil compactors, surface levelers, etc, bringing about a remarkable improvement in productivity as compared to the prevailing conventional machinery.

(Communication by the management of the company)