Tata Projects shares on being India’s Most Admired Construction Brand

01 Jun 2022

Tata Projects is one of the fastest growing and most admired industrial infrastructure companies in India. The company has expertise in executing large and complex urban and industrial infrastructure projects. It provides ready-to-deploy solutions for refineries, roads, bridges, integrated rail and metro systems, commercial building and airports, and power generation, transmission and distribution systems, chemical process plants, water and waste management and mining and metal purification systems. Vinayak Pai, CEO & Managing Director, TATA Projects, shares more…

A key parameter that has contributed towards being a ‘Most Admired Brand’ in construction?
“Accelerating India’s Progress” is not only our brand communication but also everything that we believe and do – it is the crux of our business strategy. As part of this endeavour, we are also conscious of our responsibility towards the environment. Hence, through Tata Projects’ Green Thumb initiative, we help restore India’s depleting green coverage. Under the Green Thumb initiative, Tata Projects plants trees at its various project sites across the country. These trees are attributed to the pledges of support received from participating citizens. Green Thumb is a truly unique initiative as it is led by an online Rs. platform’ wherein the ‘trees’ are attributed for ‘clicks’ received on its microsite.

As a company, we have undertaken many marquee projects such as Mumbai Trans Harbour Link, dedicated freight corridors, New Parliament Building, power transmission lines, and multiple metro-rail lines across cities. These projects have improved people’s lives and uplifted communities which has strengthened our brand.

In an industry such as construction and engineering, which is a brick-and-mortar industry – the brand represents one of the fastest growing and most admired industrial infrastructure companies in India – Tata Projects. The trust and quality that the brand represents remains unmatched.

Amid the pandemic, did you manage to increase your sales?
Yes. We did manage to increase our overall sales. However, the most important aspect for us is to deliver projects on-time, using world-class project management techniques and uncompromising standards for safety and sustainability.

Did you manage to improve your margins?
We have introduced digital technology aided monitoring and project execution tools, which will allow us to reduce costs escalation and ensure timely project execution following all the quality and safety parameters. In the last two years, the pace of adoption of such digital technology aided monitoring and project execution tools has increased.

However, as a company we remain more focused upon ‘accelerating India’s progress’ because if the nation develops – we also grow since it is all interlinked.

What is that one thing that your customers value most about you?
The most valued aspect about us is our customer centricity. As part of this approach, we remain sensitive to their needs and allow flexibility whenever requested. It also involves professionalism wherein the focus is on quality and timelines.

How will your FY22-23 plans contribute to the admired quotient?
We will quicken the pace of adoption of interactive technologies to ensure seamless integration with our customers. Additionally, we will be focussing on bidding for projects of national importance with an endeavour towards accelerating India’s progress. We will also continue our sustainable efforts through the Tata Projects Green Thumb initiative.

“We remain sensitive to the needs of our customers and allow flexibility whenever requested.”

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