Magneto partnering corporates and business houses to combat spread of airborne COVID-19

01 Aug 2020

It is becoming clear that sanitising the air we are breathing is critical for protection against the Coronavirus. International associations such as ASHRAE and EUROVENT have issued guidelines regarding the adoption of high efficiency ISO-certified central air filtration systems equipped with Ultraviolet Germicidal Irradiation (UVGI) technology for protection against the virus. These air purification systems even eliminate the SARS-CoV2 category of viruses with over 90 per cent efficiency. At Magneto CleanTech, the Magneto Central Air Cleaner (MCAC) commercial air purification systems have been designed with internationally patented three-stage ‘Trap & Kill’ and filter-less magnetic technology, which eliminates particulate matter and harmful germs. Magneto solutions are already in use by establishments like the Jindal Group, French International School (Delhi), EESL and Medanta Hospital.

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