JK Lakshmi Cement comes to Eastern and Central Uttar Pradesh

01 Aug 2022

Keeping in mind the construction needs of the discerning consumers and to partner in the progress of the state of Uttar Pradesh, JK Lakshmi Cement has launched its cement brands in Eastern and Central UP.

JK Lakshmi cement and its premium brand, JK Lakshmi PRO+ Cement was unveiled at an event in the Amethi Plant in the presence of its top officials, business associates and channel partners The first truck filled with JK Lakshmi Cement was dispatched to Shri Ram Mandir in Ayodhya and subsequently, 51 trucks filled with JK Lakshmi Cement were dispatched to top dealers of the company in Eastern and Central Uttar Pradesh in a flag-off ceremony held at the plant. Before that, a puja at the plant had been organised for an auspicious beginning of operations.

On the occasion, Arun Shukla, President, JK Lakshmi Cement, has said, “JK Lakshmi Cement provides products with unbeatable quality and strength, and it has already proven itself as India’s best performer. JK Lakshmi has garnered customer acceptance and approval in all our markets and we are confident that very soon, the brand will be a force to reckon with in Uttar Pradesh also. Captain of Indian Cricket Team, Rohit Sharma, is the brand Ambassador of JK Lakshmi Cement, and everyone will soon see him featuring in our Advertising Campaign.”

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