Mindtree builds a digital command and control solution for L&T’s green hydrogen plant in Gujarat

01 Oct 2022

Mindtree has designed and implemented a digital command and control solution for L&T, for the company’s recently commissioned Green Hydrogen Plant in Hazira, Gujarat.

Built using Insights NxT, the IoT and data analytics platform of Mindtree NxT, the solution enables remote monitoring and control of all services at the plant to help optimise operational and energy costs, and drive effective utilisation of resources such as solar energy and battery energy storage systems. The solution is equipped with preventive and predictive data analytics capabilities to provide real-time insights into plant performance and support data-driven decision-making. This will help reduce the plant’s carbon footprint and improve operational agility by increasing electrolyser efficiency and reducing downtime.

“We are committed to providing innovative and sustainable solutions to meet the energy needs of tomorrow while reducing our environmental impact,” says Derek M Shah, Senior Vice President and Head of Green Manufacturing and Development, L&T. “At our heavy engineering unit in Hazira, we use natural gas for welding and heat treatment operations. The solution developed by Mindtree will help us effectively reduce the plant’s carbon footprint by mixing green hydrogen with natural gas, facilitating the swifter adoption of cleaner fuel and alternative energy sources. This will boost our ability to better fulfil our sustainability goals while significantly enhancing our operational efficiency.”

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