An exquisite design of dining room steeped in luxury

01 Mar 2022 Long Read

The expertly mixed delightful shades are seamlessly blending with each other creating an aesthetic look in the dining area. Along with the regular dining table, an absolutely adorable mini round dining table by the window is adding a chic modern look to the room. The chandelier and the wall lights are complimenting well with the desired look of the room. Even chairs in the dining area are a seamless distraction in the room. Each element in the dining area is a mix of classical and contemporary styles making the space look simply extraordinary.

Nothing can go wrong where the room has a monotone palate. The symmetrical space has extensively made use of glass including an astonishing chandelier with little contrasting items in the shelf adding charm in the room. Art frame on the wall stunningly compliments the look of the room. The flooring, chairs and overall elements gives a serene look in the space.

This space is a perfect example of dining area meeting luxury making it an everlasting impact. The horizontal hanging chandelier is giving majestic look in the room. Brown cabinets parallelly placed are standing out among the monotonous tone in the room. Small frames above the cabinets and the large frame in the middle are the pretty scenic distractions in the room.

Vintage look in this room is a delight to eyes as it adds warm luxury vibes in the dining space. The curtains are adding a different vibe in beige and chandelier looks vibrant.

Vaulted ceiling brings an interesting design detail to this dining space. The small tree stands out among the earth pastel tone in the room. And to compliment similar look the unique chairs have green color cushions, giving out a vibrant vibe. Wooden flooring, wooden dining table and the wooden door is seamlessly matching with the overall look of the room. The frame on the wall is placed brilliantly right opposite to the window for the natural light to fall directly on it. And if not natural light the chandelier will definitely do its job in the evening.

Firstly, what catches our eye in the room is the blood red chairs giving out bold bossy vibes in the dining area. Wallpaper showcasing dense forest scene adds a certain mood to this dining room not breaking the theme of room done it stunning black, red and white.

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