Two WOLFF 1250 B cranes installed on the new XXL TV 60 Tower Sections at Swiss Grimsel Pass

01 Sep 2021

Two WOLFF 1250 B luffing jib cranes were erected on the construction site of the Replacement of the Spitallamm damat Lake Grimsel. The eight-strong WOLFFKRAN erection team erected the two cranes with 70 and 75 m jibs to their respective final tower heights of 92.1 and 87.1 m within just two weeks. Additional innovations include the VR 3360 connecting frame to combine the TV 60 with the standard TV 33 tower sections (side length of 3.3 m) and the TV 33 S, a reinforced TV 33 specially made to meet the high static requirements at the transition from the connecting frame to the TV 33.

Contact: WOLFFKRAN International AG.