Executive Profile

Future Challenger

November 2015
Vivek Kejriwal, Managing Director, Sunvik Steels Pvt Ltd, is a graduate and a first generation entrepreneur with over two decades of hands-on experience. Kejriwal, solely into the manufacturing sector, took up the challenging task of setting up the Captive Power Plant out of the waste flue gases arising at the plant. This one-of-a-kind thought was to convert these waste gases into energy and utilise it for running the plant, which required taking business risk and challenges. Today, it is entitled for green credits and has also received certification from the Indian Green Building Council (IGBC). Kejriwal has brought in the basic thought, concept and solution to utilise most of the waste into viable product, recycle them and take it to an advantage, wherein flue gases are converted to power and fly-ash is converted into bricks and blocks. Kejriwal expects the future to be much organised, with SunvikĀ“s cut and bend steel christened as READYFIX, he intends that Sunvik reaches out to large-scale demands with precision and perfection. With expansions on the anvil, Kejriwal is positive that Sunvik will try to live-up to the market demands of quality TMT.