Our biggest advantage is our fuel-efficiency.

January 2019

Volvo Construction Equipment India showcased its new offerings for road contractors this time at bauma. It launched two news products: DD100B, a double-drum tandem compactor used for asphalt compaction, the most powerful compactor highway contractors are waiting for; and the the L90GZ G series, the first wheel loader in the class with a bigger bucket, with higher capacity and a more powerful machine that will be used by road contractors for aggregate handling and mining contractors for coal loading. Dimitrov Krishnan, Vice President, shares more…

One pathbreaking offering: Our biggest advantage is our fuel-efficiency, which comes not just from the Volvo engine but the design that is well-matched and power-trained giving efficiency. Our technology platform is at least two steps ahead of our competitors, and we are able to offer softer solutions on products.

Demand drivers in 2019: Road construction.
Announcement contributing to the company’s growth in 2018: The introduction of the EC200D has helped us improve our position in the 20-tonne excavator segment. Volvo has become more reachable to many more more customers than before. 

Challenge for the company in 2019: Business uncertainty is what we will have to manage. There is a lot of project activity, and then political uncertainty with the elections, which is a normal thing.

Key strategy to success in 2019: Hard work. 
The main focus next year would be to grow our distribution network, be closer to more new customers. Our distribution partners are working actively with us to grow our reach to the end-customer, which is our main focus.
Recommendation for growth of the construction equipment market: There should be ways to ensure that the economy should not be derailed just because there is an election. The government needs to have a strategy to manage these cycles in a better way.