To cater to the next boom, we are ready with local production

January 2019

With over 50 years of experience, the PASCHAL group specialises in formwork and formwork technology. Manikandan Mahalingam, General Director, PASCHAL Formworks (India), shares more…

One path-breaking offering: We focus on service support and have a refurbishment facility, unlike anyone else, in India. We offer pre-consultation to our clients prior to sales. The technology we have adapted allows easy erection of the formwork within a short duration.

Demand drivers in 2019: Our products can be used across the residential and commercial segments, in infrastructure projects as well as the industrial sector. We are also getting good market share from the defence sector. We are not dependent on one segment and each segment has unique growth; hence, 2019 is promising for our business strategy.

Announcement contributing to the company’s growth in 2018: To cater to the next boom, we are ready with local production without compromising on quality. This will help us supply our formwork within 21 days time to support our client with the fastest delivery.

Challenge in 2019: We used to get repeated orders from existing clients who know our product advantages in comparison with all others. That said, adding new customers in our customer pool is a big challenge every year. Last year, we added a good number of clients; hence, we will focus on new customer additions, including small-scale contractors.

Key strategy to success in 2019: To cater to the needs of contractors, irrespective of their scale and size. Local production will help increase our market share, further making our clients’ projects successful with our prime quality and huge cost savings and spreading awareness of our product enabled with RFID technology. We will make people aware about our refurbishment facility and how it will help clients use their existing Paschal materials in a better way, to make them look as good as new.