Revocation of GO-111 to boost Hyderabad real estate

01 Jun 2022

Telangana Government has unlocked land in Hyderabad by revoking 26-year-old government order GO-111, following which the city’s developers have been eyeing a big boost for the real estate sector in the coming days. By revoking the GO-111 that prevented big constructions and industries in the 10-km radius of two Nizam-era water reservoirs, the Telangana government has unlocked 132,000 acres across 84 villages connecting Hyderabad for development. The water reservoirs have their catchment on the city’s outskirts. This translates to as much as 538 sq km of land close to an ever-expanding urban agglomeration called Greater Hyderabad, which in itself is now spread across 650 sq km.

Contact: Government of Telangana


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