Pick-‘n’-carry: India’s highest selling crane

Pick-‘n’-carry: India’s highest selling crane

India’s biggest crane subsegment is the pick-‘n’-carry category—according to Pradeep Sharma, President, Action Construction Equipment, it represents almost 90 per cent of the mobile crane industry.

Anil Bhatia, Vice-President, Sales & Marketing, TIL Ltd, estimates the annual demand for pick-‘n’-carry cranes of 12 t to 25 t to vary between 7,000 and 7,500 units. The low cost of acquisition and high return from investment is what makes this the most popular subsegment, he explains, while acknowledging that the operational safety of these cranes is a concern.

While there are quite a few strong players in this segment, the pick-‘n’-carry crane from TIL Ltd stands apart for matching the safety level of a truck crane and all-terrain crane, according to Bhatia. “Our pick-‘n’-carry crane is a 360 slew crane.” By the end of 2019, TIL Ltd plans to launch a new pick-‘n’-carry crane, featuring new patented technology, to be produced in its factories in Kolkata and Kharagpur.

Escorts has a plant solely for the production of its pick-‘n’-carry product with a maximum annual capacity of 8,000 units.

Recently, ACE launched three NextGen multiactivity pick-‘n’-carry cranes—the NX360° slew cum pick-‘n’-carry (20-t) crane, the NXT 15-t pick-‘n’-carry crane combined with a telehandler and the NXP 15-t pick-‘n’-carry crane cum aerial work platform, which is hydraulically operated from the top.


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