The Indian market is evolving and is still young


The Indian market is evolving and is still young

The Indian market is evolving and is still young

02 Jan 2019

Keshab Chopra, Managing Director-India and SAARC, Doka, states that the RERA initiative by the government will help the industry stay organised… 

One pathbreaking offering: We have a wide range of applications from formwork to scaffolding solutions such as wall formwork, slab formwork and climbing formwork. We are looking to go beyond formwork and provide unique solutions like Concremote that will enable our customers to understand how concrete behaves while it is cast, by being a partner in their concreting process.

Demand drivers in 2019: The Indian market is evolving and is still young. We see strong growth in the housing and commercial segments for us.

Announcement contributing to the company’s growth in 2018: In India, we need to be more widespread in our ability to respond to our customers. Hence, we have decided to be closer to our customers in the pre and post-sales process. 

Challenge for the company in 2019: One of the challenges we have seen in the Indian industry is the payment cycle. This is still not eased out in the way we would expect it to be.

Key strategy to success in 2019: We do not want to limit ourselves to any specialised segment. We will definitely participate in the real-estate segment, both residential or commercial, as well as infrastructure and heavy industry. We have the requisite product solutions and services in our basket globally.

Recommendation for growth of the construction equipment market: RERA is a positive step taken by the government and this will enable the industry to become more organised with better technologies that could be used in the construction industry.

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