Rs 5.09 bn projects under tendering, Rs 60 mn projects in DPR phase
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Rs 5.09 bn projects under tendering, Rs 60 mn projects in DPR phase

Despite being selected in round two of the Smart Cities mission, Ujjain has been able to tender out 42 out of its 43 listed projects. Of the 42 tendered projects, 13 projects worth Rs 1.62 billion (8.68 per cent of the total smart city projects) have already been completed, says Awadhesh Sharma, CEO, Ujjain Smart City. He shares:

Current progress of works in the city: Projects worth Rs 11.90 billion (63.73 per cent of the total smart city proposal (SCP) cost) are under implementation while another Rs 5.09 billion projects (27.25 per cent of the total SCP cost) are under the tendering stage. Another Rs 60 million worth projects are in the DPR phase.

Smart infra: Under civil projects, the major projects under the implementation and tendering stage include:

  • Smart road with underground ducting: The entire ABD area is proposed to be covered with 25 km of smart roads, which will include five services, ie, sewerage, storm water drains, underground electric cables, shaft for telecom cables, and duct for gas pipeline. The tender is a comprehensive development of road cross section, which also includes pavement, footpaths, intersections, street lights and electricity feeder pillars. At an approximate project cost of Rs 3.45 billion, on completion, the project is expected to completely transform the urban fabric of the ABD area.
  • MRIDA: Of the 400 hectare ABD area, 40 hectare is covered by the Mahakaal Temple, Rudra Sagar Lake and the immediate surrounding area, which falls under the MRIDA Plan. Key elements of the project include a visitor plaza that will hold about 20,000 pilgrims at a time, multi-level car parking for 600 cars, 600 mt of heritage corridor from the plaza to the temple. Tender for the Rs 2-billion project has been awarded and construction is proposed to start soon.
  • Ujjain Convention Centre: This ambitious project will comprise of a grand hall of 1,800 sq m, five smaller halls, two restaurants, exhibition area and car parking for 250 cars. Tender for this 1.45 billion project has been awarded and construction is expected to commence soon.
  • Ujjain Swimming and Sports Complex: This complex comprises an Olympic size swimming pool, diving pool, warm-up pool and kids pool, along with a sports block for indoor sports like skipping rope and table tennis. It will also include a gym, sauna, steam bath, restaurant, tennis court and basketball court. Currently under construction, with 40 per cent work completed, the project is expected to cost around Rs 300 million.
  • Multi Modal Transit hub: Dewas Bus Stand is located adjacent to the Ujjain railway station, and the city has proposed to integrate the two terminals to develop an integrated Multi-Modal Transit Hub. To be taken under the Railway station development project, it is proposed to be funded through PPP and an EoI has already been floated. The project cost is approximately Rs 860 million.

The major ICT projects under implementation and tendering stage include:

  • ITMS (Integrated Traffic Management System): Nine junctions in the city along with all the entry and exit points will be covered under the ITMS system; this will be connected to ICCC for live feed and necessary actions.
  • Smart Poles: Proposed under PPP and the appointed PPP partner will install smart poles across the city featuring cameras, Wi-Fi, sensors and a network of OFC cable.

Total budgeted amount: The total project cost for Ujjain Smart City is Rs 18.68 billion.


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