The decision to move ahead with innovative marketing campaigns proved to be a major contributor
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The decision to move ahead with innovative marketing campaigns proved to be a major contributor

Emami Realty, the real-estate arm of Emami Group, was incorporated in 2006 to undertake real-estate projects in the residential, commercial and retail sectors. The company was amalgamated in July 2016 with Emami Infrastructure, a company listed with the NSE & BSE, and has a pan-India presence with over 36 million sq ft under development at different stages of planning, construction and delivery across West Bengal, Uttar Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Orissa, Maharashtra and Sri Lanka. These projects are being executed under various special-purpose vehicles (SPVs) and JVs. Emami Realty is committed to excellence in design and construction by means of partnering with internationally acclaimed names like Moshe Safdie, L&T, Meinhardt Singapore, SRSS Singapore, Green Architects Thailand and Kapadia Associates, among others. Dr Nitesh Kumar, CEO, shares more....

Name one major challenge faced in FY2018-19. How did the company tackle it?
Increasing revenues and delivering projects on time while maintaining quality and standards of construction proved to be a big challenge. This involved ramping up marketing budgets and recruiting quality manpower while maintaining the constraints of budget allocation. This, in turn, meant optimisation of systems and processes in all departments within a very short timeline. At the same time, we also had to focus on maintaining our quality standards. 

Name one decision you consider the biggest contributor to the company’s growth in FY2018-19.
The decision to move ahead with innovative marketing campaigns proved to be a major contributor. It included bearing more expenses to increase visibility, even though the revenue stream was at its lowest point and there were no projects in the pipeline owing to slow construction status. This proved to be a decision in the positive direction.

What is one single factor you avoided that could have otherwise impacted the company’s top line and bottom line?
Augmenting the construction process in spite of low revenues.

What are your plans for the company’s growth in FY2019-20? 
Emami Group is a diversified business conglomerate enjoying a market valuation of about Rs 500 billion. Charting a dynamic growth path over the year, we are planning to launch four new projects across various domestic geographies this financial year. We are also taking initiatives to take this vertical to a national level and position it as one of the leading real-estate companies with best practices, with a special focus on customer satisfaction and transparency.  

Emami Realty
Net Sales EBITDA Reported PAT
FY19 (Rs Billion) 0.68 2.71 0.005
Growth over FY18 (%) 4,561.22 23.74 -86.11

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