Rajasthan Government to soon declare Jaipur as a ‘no construction zone’
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Rajasthan Government to soon declare Jaipur as a ‘no construction zone’

All types of construction is likely to come to a halt in the city of Jaipur as the Rajasthan Government, as per reports, will soon be declaring the walled city as a ‘no construction zone’. This decision is being made in the direction of Jaipur being recognised as a UNESCO world heritage site.

While traffic congestion and encroachments have been challenges for the city, unplanned construction has been getting in the way of the city meeting the standards specified by UNESCO. That said, Jaipur Municipal Corporation (JMC) is reportedly expected to soon issue a notification under the Building By-laws 1970. ‘No construction zone’ would imply a complete ban on any construction or even renovation by the residents.

As reported, in a high-level meeting recently held, it was decided that the city will be divided into four parts for traffic permits. Shopkeepers and locals will also not be permitted to build any structures or to renovate. Also, a sanction will be required from a high-power committee of official and experts for any kind of construction. Sources of new reports reveal that the government will be preparing draft rules to ensure that the city’s original architecture is not tampered with; a JMC heritage cell will be monitoring the same, and multiple cameras will be installed to monitor illegal constructions.

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