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1.Design-build is best suited for the affordable housing programme

Given land prices and other constraints in the urban areas and metropolitan cities of India

2.Technologies for faster construction of affordable homes

Here are already available technologies as well as those being developed

3.Taking Centre Stage!

A growing number of experience centres is strengthening the growth of the Indian tiles, ceramics and sanitaryware market.

4.Automating Construction

Construction is going digital! The faculty and alumni of Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Madras have developed India's first 3D printing construction technology.

5.Is India ready for digital construction?

3D printing construction can be among the main construction technologies

6.Automatic sustainable construction technology

The 3D printing construction can be used to build complicated structures

7.Save cost and time in construction!

3D printing construction technology is economical, portable, and more

8.RICS SBE partners with Propstack to train students on real estate data and technology

RICS School of Built Environment (RICS SBE), an industry led academic institution, which delivers specialised undergraduate and post graduate courses to students aspiring to work within real estate, construction and infrastructure sector, has partnered with Propstack, among India's leading real estate data, analytics and workflow solutions platform to introduce real estate data and technology as part of the curriculum of RICS SBE, Amity University.

9.Building Smart

According to McKinsey, construction holds the dubious honour of having the lowest productivity gains of any industry. The reasons attributed to this include continued use of labour instead of technology; lack of consolidation; and the fact that builders are still averse to using technology even though architects increasingly espouse it.

10.Top Challengers | CERA Sanitaryware

Established in 1980, CERA Sanitaryware has been growing exponentially in recent years, despite the less-than-conducive realty environment. Here´s how: A brand legacy of 36 years; a network of over 1,600 distributors and 16,000 retailers; after-sales abilities with a full-fledged team of technicians; and product offerings with unmatched quality and innovative designs.

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