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1. ISH India

A key platform, ISH India powered by IPA, focussed on quality buyers and sellers.

2.Indian Plumbing Association announces “I Save Water” campaign

With the aim of saving 100 crore litres of water, the Indian Plumbing Association (IPA) has announced the launch of “I Save Water” ...

3.Andhra Pradesh to set up Regional Airport Development Fund

The Andhra Pradesh Government plans to set up an Andhra Pradesh Regional Airport Development Fund (APRADF) with an initial amount of Rs 100 crore, to provide financial support for regional airport development.

4.Berger Paints - India's Fastest Growing Paint Company 2013

At 90, Berger Paints India Ltd is at an age to be normally venerated, but is also drawing industry admiration for its scorching pace of growth. Since it became part of the worldwide Berger Group in 1983

5.Fastest growing paint company | Berger Paints

It has been a long and fruitful journey from Hadfield’s (India) to Berger Paints, but 89 years later, this company is heading straight for the top, with a growth of 26 per cent and a profit of Rs 1801 crore, a rise of 20 per cent in this year.

6.Delhi International Airport seeks airport development fee extension

GMR Infra controlled Delhi International Airport, is seeking an extension of the airport development fee (ADF), the proposal for which is pending with the Airports Economic Regulatory Authority, after banks refused to lend further. A consortium of lenders led by ICICI Bank has refused to lend capital citing its inability to service debt through the current revenue model.

7.Airports Design And Build

Ladies and gentlemen, the captain has turned on the ´fasten seatbelt´ sign. If you haven´t done so, please take your seat and fasten your seatbelt. At this time, we request that all mobile phones and electronic devices be turned off as they might interfere with the navigational and communication equipment.

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