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1.Wishing India Construction Festival to be a "singular success" -Narendra Modi, Honorable Prime Minister of India

I am pleased to learn that First Construction Council is organizing the India Construction Festival.

2.Serving Communities

Sany India is participating in the Khadagwasla dam CSR activity.

3.Capital outlay of up to Rs.30 trillion expected for transport infra over five years

The new government is likely to maintain continuity on major programmes launched during its last tenure

4.Infra Growth 2.024

With capital investment in the infrastructure sector proposed at Rs.100 trillion over the next five years, CW delves into the expectations and opportunities as the Modi Government steps into its second term.

5.The Strength of Stainless Steel

The construction industry needs to adopt stainless steel for the sustainability and longevity of projects

6.Road construction to be most crucial, followed by affordable housing

Opportunities for construction companies in the next five years

7.Big infrastructure opportunities with NDA stepping into its second term

Infra capital investment proposed at Rs 100 trillion over the next 5 years

8.E-KID septage treatment for Kerala

Worth Rs 840 mn, a total of 14 septage treatment plants based on E-KID (electro-coagulation) technology to treat septage will be set up across seven cities under the AMRUT scheme in Kerala.

9.The Strength of Stainless Steel

With the dire need for construction in India to be energy, water and material-efficient, the industry needs to adopt stainless steel for the sustainability and longevity of projects.

10.Indore has become a global model for solid waste management

Inheritance, Innovation, Inclusion, Incubation and Investment.