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1.What’s Trending in Contemporary Design

A debate on the subject held at the Liebherr Experience Centre in Mumbai.

2.Smart Workplace| Productivity Enhancement

In a series of roundtable discussions on smart workplaces, the CW team once again brought together 20 big wigs for discussion in Bengaluru and Hyderabad to deliberate upon aspects that contribute to enhancing employee productivity at a smart workplace.

3.Cement Expo 2016

It is uncontested reality that ´infrastructure will drive cement demand´. This was also the theme for the Cement Expo held last month in Mumbai. The two-day event, in its one-of-a-kind format, included an expo, a full-day conference and a celebration of victory with the Indian Cement Review (ICR) Awards

4.IPF Industrial Excellence Awards

INDUSTRIAL PRODUCTS FINDER (IPF) hosted the first-ever IPF Industrial Excellence Awards last month. With a 44-year legacy, IPF recognised and felicitated the ´Fastest Growing Manufacturing Companies´ as well as ´Products that Meet the Standards of Product Excellence´.

5.Solar Today Awards 2016

It was sunshine all the way at the Solar Today Awards, which recognised the who´s who of the solar industry. The awards have been initiated with a focused vision to recognise people, processes and products that drive the industry forward to achieve success in a competitive market.

6.Vote of Thanks

ASAPP Info Global Group, thanked the keynote speaker Raghav Chandra, audience, sponsors, jury, winners, and ASAPPians in all gratitude for being the true makers of the successful evening.

7.14th Construction World annual Awards 2016

When cement and steel meet champagne and silk, the result is magic. And gilding the magic was the camaraderie in the room, which came from a sense of fraternity and common purpose. Another rich addition to CW´s bank of memories built over the past 14 years, the CW Annual Awards constituted another step in the journey to bring the industry to centrestage, recognise achievements, and honour construction heroes.

8.Abhi toh party shuru hui hai!

´Bees saal pehle ki yeh baat hai.´ This dialogue resonated in my mind as I tapped on my Mac to bring this editorial to life. This dialogue from epic film Sholay was the best Indian version of ´long long ago´. Yes folks, we are 20 and set to take you to India 2020 with a revised menu of offerings to arm you with information to stay ahead in the business.

9.CWAB 2.0 | 11th Architect And Builder Awards

CWAB 2.0 (denoting the second decade) is here and how! The grand evening once again recognised and awarded India´s Top Architects and Builders, along with the introduction of a new category - Noteworthy Projects.


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