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1.Centres of opportunity

The large-scale movement towards digital information has fuelled the growth of data centres in India, which in turn has opened new opportunities for the construction industry. Data centres can be over 40 times as energy-intensive as conventional office buildings

2.India needs 400 airports

To keep pace with the growing demand, Union Civil Aviation Ministry believes that India requires at least 400 airports.

3.The Skill Gap

While the Indian construction sector has moved from the bullock cart to the bullet train era, skilled workers remain an elusive commodity, writes Niranjan Hiranandani. As construction and other infrastructure building activities in the country flourish, there is a growing need to mobilise and train

4.Painting progress

´Cautiously optimistic´ is the best way to describe the outlook for the paints and coatings sector for the near term while the overall, long-term outlook is positive. Globally, the paint industry is equally made up of decorative products and industrial coatings.

5.Chemical Invasion

Buoyed by the prospect of tremendous growth, the construction chemicals industry in India is gearing up to meet the challenges ahead, writes Janaki Krishnamoorthi.

6.Towards Employee Engagement

JRD Tata believed in a simple philosophy and practised it: ‘Get the best people and then set them free.’ This is the value system in all Tata Group companies.

7.Building Momentum

From an international viewpoint, among the major global markets for construction equipment, the demand for construction equipment in China suffered a steep decline after peaking in 2011. While this trend is expected to continue in 2014, future demand is forecasted to be stable.

8.The Real Show 2015

The sentiment on Indian real estate among both domestic and international investors has improved in recent times following the election of a new government and upturn in consumer demand, says the Emerging Trends in Real Estate® Asia Pacific 2015

9.Taking off!

With India’s civil aviation sector growing at a fast clip, there is tremendous potential in building airport infrastructure.

10.Market Movements

The $5.1 billion market for construction equipment is expected to register a CAGR of 12 per cent in the coming three years.