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1.Beijing Airport will equipped with most developed devices and technologies

Located in less than 50 km south from the capital of China, Beijing Daxing Airport will become world’s biggest airport along with being the most progressive and modern transportation centre.

2.Who’s using mobile cranes to handle materials?

Pick-and-carry cranes and truck-mounted cranes are an industry favourite.

3.Indian vs. overseas brands

Earthmoving machine users attest to the shortcomings of Indian brands

4.Is India ready for digital construction?

3D printing construction can be among the main construction technologies

5.Today's workplace design is evolving to become collaborative, flexible and connected, writes Mili Majumdar, MD, GBCI India, and Sr VP, USGBC

Employees account for largest expenditure in any organisation and hence the slightest improvement in workplace condition that enhances employee retention and well-being has a great impact on productivity and results in tangible savings.

6.FOREIGN touch to high-speed train

French Chinese and Russian companies have joined hands with the Indian Railways to bring three of the latter´s nine semi-high speed rail corridor projects on track. In these corridors, trains will run at 160-200 km an hour.

7.Chinese conglomerate Fosun to invest $1 bn in Indian real estate

Chinese business conglomerate Fosun is known to be in the process of setting up a real estate focused platform in India that would invest as much as $1 billion through equity transactions, as per reports.

8.Wabco´s air suspension technology for trucks

Major Chinese heavy duty truck manufacturers - including China National Heavy Truck Corporation, Dongfeng Liuzhou Motor Company and Shaanqi - are increasingly adopting Wabco´s OptiRide electronically-controlled air suspension (ECAS) in series production.

9.Indian Steel industry owes Rs 300,000 crore to banks

The prices of steel have fallen due to cheaper Chinese steel in the market, and this has resulted in the domestic steel producers suffering heavy losses. The Indian steel industry is facing outstanding loans of around Rs 3 lakh crore in various banks, thus making the sector one of the largest contributors to Non-Performing Assets (NPA) in the country.

10.Top of the Charts

Global deflationary pressures were quite fearful during the months of January and February. However, since then, the global deflationary fear has receded. Global oil prices rebounded over 80 per cent from the bottom, steel prices in China moved up as high as 30-40 per cent and many other metal and resources prices also rose significantly from the bottom