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1.One Step Ahead

Loading bay solutions by Avians help you be one step ahead.

2.Our aluminium shoring system is well ahead of the competition.

RMD Kwikform India showcased two new products to the country at bauma: The aluminium shoring system Alshor Plus for large commercial buildings, shopping malls and IT buildings, to cover a large area in a single table up to 100 sq m; and the tube shoring system for ground shoring purpose.


Established in 1991 and based in Ahmedabad, Iron Triangle (formerly known as Backbone Enterprises) provides infrastructure development services in India.

4.Infrastructure pushing investment and growth in the suburban markets of Pune

A lot of people are attempting to do a sort of medium term arbitrage on real estate. However, to borrow from commonsensical and prudent buying wisdom, it is those who are patient and perseverant with their real estate investments, who will reap the benefits of their investment over time.

5.Quality Air Cleaners

Honeywell has introduced electronic air cleaners (EACs) for commercial buildings in India. The new line expands Honeywell's comprehensive range of indoor products that help purify air at homes, in cars, as well as in office spaces.

6.'The increasing use of ventilated façades systems is the new trend,' says Vinay Kumar, Managing Director, Citadel Building System

The market for roofing, façades and cladding is increasing with the increase in construction activity in the real estate, infrastructure and industrial sectors.


India´s leading entrance automation and loading bay equipment company, Gandhi Automations offers Porto and Max Vista, an ideal solution for industrial and commercial needs.


75F, a leader in building automation for light commercial buildings in the US, has launched its business operations in India and has also introduced its award-winning ´Dynamic Airflow Balancing´ technology to the Indian market, referring to the concept as ´Internet of Air´.

9.Winners - Tata Projects

Tata Projects is one of the fastest growing and most admired infrastructure companies in India. The company has expertise in executing large and complex industrial and urban infrastructure projects. It operates through four strategic business units (SBUs) - industrial infrastructure, urban infrastructure, quality services and utility services.

10.Winners - NCC

Established in 1978 as a partnership firm and converted into a limited company in 1990, NCC - formerly Nagarjuna Construction Company - has progressed consistently over the past three decades.