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1.Leveraging smart solutions for tackling COVID - 19

As an immediate response to COVID-19, several smart cities leveraged smart solutions and facilities that were implemented as part of the 100 smart cities programme. Deloitte, in its recent report, “India Smart Cities’ COVID-19 Response”, highlights that the tactical use of Integrated Command a..

2.Measures for construction contractors announced by FM

Experts comment on the measures announced by Nirmala Sitharaman for contractors.

3.The Money Crunch

Many cities are not able to generate surpluses of Rs 50 crore to make their project contribution for each of the five years of the mission.

4.Dedicated financing support key to scaling up rooftop solar in SME sector

The Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (MSME) sector is expected to contribute significantly to achieving the government’s target of building 40 GW of the rooftop solar capacity by 2022.

5.Sustainability in Affordable Housing

The impact of incorporating sustainability in this segment will be huge

6.Tendering process for architects in India

Selection process, and are architects equal players in India’s smart game?

7.Smart Cities, Budget Expectations – Deloitte

Despite the variations in investment quantum across cities, there are some common threads which run through most of the Smart City plans. The most important one is around financing. Even after considering Government of India and counterpart funding from the state governments as well as the municipal..