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1.Modern Approach to Structural Strengthening

Conmix has launched a system of structural strengthening with carbon and glass fibre.

2.Taking off!

With India’s civil aviation sector growing at a fast clip, there is tremendous potential in building airport infrastructure.

3.Pre-Engineered : From Start to Finish

The construction of a pre-engineering building is a methodical step-by-step progression centred in design and function.

4.Designing a Dream

Two well-known bloggers, a unique contest and a team that dared - and the result might well be a truly innovative solution for low-cost housing.

5.High Performance

Dextra India offers various engineering construction products and solutions for the building and civil industry.Established in 1983, Dextra manufacturing is a leading manufacturer and distributor of engineering construction products and solutions for the building and civil industry. The company is well-known for its range of mechanical splicing systems for reinforcing bars such as Bartec, Rolltec, Unitec and Repairgrip. These couplers are used at various construction sites across India and the w

6.Delineating Gandhi

The Mahatma Mandir Museum has been constructed in a record time of seven months. Celebrating the life and ideology of the Father of the Nation, Gujarat´s capital city Gandhinagar recently witnessed the launch of the landmark project

7.Sun on the Water

In accord with the increased momentum of the renewable energy movement across the world, India has commissioned some solar plants of late, the most prominent being the canal top solar plants in Gujarat. Now, taking the solar wave a step higher, Smritiban in New Town, Kolkata, boasts India´s first floating solar plant. Let´s find out more.

8.Back to the future

Imagine, if you will, a walk back in time to Old Delhi´s halcyon days, the regal splendour of the rich marriage between heritage and history, art and culture. Welcome to Haveli Dharampura, resplendent with its antique ambience, lakhori brickwork and arched vaults.

9.We are investing over Rs.1,100 crore to expand our fibreglass facility in Taloja

Making it to the Fortune 500® list for 62 consecutive years is big! That's what Owens Corning has achieved through its market-leading products and innovations. With a presence in over 27 countries, the company started business in India in 1998 with a focus on building materials and composite solutions.

10.Single-wall carbon nanotubes: Five times lighter but 100 times stronger than steel

Increasing customer demand for conductive floors has spurred Indian manufacturers to seek highly innovative technologies to upgrade conventional electrostatic discharge (ESD) flooring systems.

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