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1.Internet of Things vs Internet of People

With constantly advancing infrastructure, sensors and codes, everything from refrigerators to barcodes can now be networked. But the real question is should they be? And if so, how will they benefit people and cities? The debate over IoT, not dissimilar to technology itself, is already heavily polarised.

2.Nokia to provide solutions for smart cities

Finnish Communications and Nokia is showcasing its Internet of Things (IoT) products. The company plans to come out with solutions for smart cities, like smart metering, active waste management, smart parking and various other sensor technology-enabled products.

3.Honeywell Puts Building Controls In Occupants’ Hands

Mobile software application enables building occupants to tap into Internet of Things capabilities to address common building issues including temperature settings, access control.

4.NITI Aayog and ABB India partner to make India AI-Ready

ABB and NITI Aayog will make key sectors of Indian economy ready for a digitalised future and realise the potential of AI, big data and connectivity.

5.What is spurring some mining companies to deploy high-capacity equipment and advanced technologies?

Bright prospects are foreseen for practically every major and minor mineral mined in India today. Ambitious infrastructure and power generation expansion and a plan to boost manufacturing are expected to spur demand for minerals and mining equipment.

6.Paradigm shift: Blockchain set to revolutionise real estate and construction industry

While the influence of technology has permeated every industry and sector conceivable, whether it is banking, manufacturing or healthcare, the role technology is playing in shaping the real estate and construction industry is of transformational nature.

7.Rs 500 billion is expected to flow in for the creation of warehousing facilities in India between 2018-2020. CW explores demand drivers, design specifications, role of IT, and more...

Sometimes numbers speak louder than words: India is reportedly set to witness investments close to Rs 500 billion for the creation of warehousing facilities between 2018 and 2020.

8.The biggest change in our industry will be the Internet of Things, says Ashok Ramachandran, CEO, Schindler India & South Asia

Schindler India, a 100-per-cent owned subsidiary of the Schindler Group established in Switzerland in 1874, is among the leading providers of elevators and escalators.

9.Emerging demand for smart homes in India

Home automation is no longer the stuff of science fiction; it has become real with the concept of smart home. Equipped with latest features and technologies, a smart home is being touted as the biggest innovation in the real estate sector today, and they are more in demand.

10.We are bringing in expertise that can be made available to 100 cities in India - Nadir Patel, High Commissioner for Canada to India

Twenty-eight leading Canadian urban infrastructure, Internet of things (IoT) and artificial intelligence (AI) companies visited India last month to explore collaboration opportunities with Indian businesses in the infrastructure and smart cities sector.