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1.Start-ups are introducing new-age technology

These innovations could put an end to the issue of time and cost overruns.

2.We are taking BIM to a higher level, and we call it Constructible BIM

For most part of my working life, I was in the 3.0 era when data and technology such as computers had just started to make their mark in the construction industry.

3.Technology has enabled India to grow multi-folds

In next 15 years, India can be a multi-trillion dollars economy

4.Highbar Technocrat rolls out IoT solution for construction asset management

Highbar Technocrat unveiled its new offering in the form of optimised IoT (Internet of Things) solution for construction asset management (CAM).

5.What trends are driving demand in the smart homes space?

Advancement in IoT and demand for energy-efficient appliances are drivers.

6.Here’s how a home can be retrofitted to be ‘smart’

Several technologies can retrofit existing object to be IoT-enabled.

7.Most trending green features a smart home can incorporate

A green home is actually a smart home by design and implementation.

8.IoT advancement driving smart home appliances market

Many devices are now coming with the IoT option builtin.

9.We have tendered out 3,800 projects worth Rs 1,380 billion

The Smart Cities Mission (SCM) is proving to be a gamechanger in Indian urban transformation. “This is a unique mission, working to rejuvenate the mind, body and soul of Indian cities!”

10.Is telematics essential?

How can heavy commercial vehicle users expect to benefit from telematics?

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