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1.DMRC inaugurates its first line extension

The 9.63-km elevated extension is set to benefit over a million people

2.Lean Construction takes a holistic view of the project

A new and transformational way to design and build capital facilities targets.

3.Chennai Airport delayed

The Chennai Airport project has been delayed due to prolonged decision to be made on privatisation for almost three years, and inadequate manpower, resulting in the delay of launching the new international arrival.

4.A provision of Rs 21,800 crore has been made for capital projects in 2015-16

The city of Surat has long been known as the diamond polishing hub of the world, but there are other facets that have led the city to shine - including being one of the cleanest cities in the country. Under the aegis of Niranjan Zanzmera

5.In the next five years, there will be great transformation in infrastructure development

"In contribution to Prime Minister Narendra Modi´s vision of Make in India, the Maharashtra Government recently announced ´Make in Maharashtra´. As part of this initiative, while the state government is eyeing Rs 5 lakh crore industrial investments

6.Dam Good!

The Teesta IV dam, being built by HCC for the National Hydroelectric Power Corporation (NHPC), is the third of its kind in India, and the first RCC dam project for both companies.

7.The backbone

Never underestimate the power of HRD to create wealth and success for your company, urges Wits N Skills. In the current scenario, where every sector is reeling under some sort of slowdown, business houses are treading with caution, with major expansion plans on hold and no drastic measures or ventures on the anvil. Taking a leaf from the adage, 'Tough times do not last, tough people do', there is really no better time to focus on a basic, yet crucial function: HR.

8.IT to the Rescue

With the infrastructure industry booming exponentially, the forthcoming decade promises to be one of great opportunities. the Skill Crunch

In February 2008, CW’s cover story on the manpower shortage in the construction industry highlighted the need to add about 5 million people every year to sustain the industry’s growth rate.

10.A Long Journey

From Kolkata to Delhi, the Metro has travelled a very long distance in India. Close on the heels of the success of the Delhi Metro, all the major cities in the country are now on for the ride.