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1.More airports for tier-II and tier-III cities

The Finance Minitry has announced that more airports in Tier-II and Tier-III cities will be developed. The government plans to build 200 airports in small cities in the next few years.

2.Global operators for two metro airports

The Union Government is planning to hand over the management control of the new Kolkata and Chennai airports, built by the Airports Authority of India (AAI), to global operators through a competitive bidding process.

3.AAI to showcase 29 airports in USA

With an aim to enhance the connectivity in various parts across the country, the Airports Authority of India (AAI) is displaying 29 non-metro and metro airports at a global event in USA. These airports are at Amritsar, Chandigarh, Jaipur, Lucknow, Leh, Srinagar, Varanasi, Bhubaneswar, Gaya, Kolkata, Port Blair, Ranchi, Raipur, Guwahati, Ahmedabad, Aurangabad, Bhopal, Indore, Goa, Pune, Surat.

4.AAI showcases 29 airports in US

Airports Authority of India (AAI) showcased 29 metro and non-metro airports at the World Routes Development Forum in Chicago with an aim to enhance connectivity in different parts of the country.

5.Airports Design And Build

Ladies and gentlemen, the captain has turned on the ´fasten seatbelt´ sign. If you haven´t done so, please take your seat and fasten your seatbelt. At this time, we request that all mobile phones and electronic devices be turned off as they might interfere with the navigational and communication equipment.

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