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1.Stuck housing projects get a new lease of life

More than 90 per cent consolidation in Indian real estate at project-level; only a few (such as Indiabulls) consider exiting realty business altogether. After DeMo wiped out fly-by-night and many small developers, liquidity crisis led Big Boys to take up stuck or delayed projects. Preferred consolidation models include JVs, alliance, development management contract, land monetisation.

2.Will the Budget 2019 meet the real estate and constructions sector expectations?

With a target to make India the world’s third largest economy by 2030, the government has its mission set.

3.Strengthen overall economy: Realty expectation from the government

Applauding the government, here is what the real estate industry expects in the second term of the BJP-led NDA government...

4.Budget Reactions | Real Estate

The government’s move to promote affordable housing by setting up a special fund is welcome. It will boost buyers’ sentiments and help revive the real estate market. We expected the government to give industry status to real estate sector, though its efforts to support infrastructural development is laudable.

5.Indian realty reforms boost NRI investment sentiment

The year 2017 has ended on a high note for the Indian real estate sector with regulatory reforms renewing NRI confidence in the Indian property market.

6.This is a great move to providing tax relief to developers in the residential sector

Finance Minister impetus on ‘Housing for All by 2022’ by way of given affordable housing an infrastructure status is indeed a welcome step and will bring in the momentum towards achieving the goal. The allotment of infrastructure status would also boost investment from private players in the affordable housing campaign

7.Why safety and security is so crucial for high-rises

Jairam Panch, Managing Director, Turner Project Management India, shares some key safety issues that arise on high-rise construction projects in addition to the usual issues: “Fire considerations – evacuation procedures, protected staircases and temporary alarm systems; wind issues – hugely increased wind speeds on taller structures effecting workers, stored materials, and temporary structures including lightweight scaffolds; open shafts – lifts

8.Tower cranes for India’s tall buildings

Crane and hoists are essential for the vertical transportation in a high-rise building. While hoists are generally used for manpower transportation, cranes are used to transport major materials such as steel, etc, and sometimes for shuttering.

9.Here’s why 70 per cent in a tall building is spent on high quality materials

While high-rise buildings are gaining prominence in India, challenges in execution remain, especially with breaking the old rules of construction and limitations in introducing the latest technologies. For this, adopting the right materials in high-rise construction is of utmost importance

10.Advances in formwork for high-rise structures

The shuttering system is the heart of a high-rise. Advancement in formwork has made it easier for every process owner involved – architects, project manager or structure designers. It has provided the flexibility with much evolved accuracy that architects were looking for ages.

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