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1.India needs an economic vision

Chandrababu Naidu’s ire is not unjustified as he raked up the issue of the cancellation of orders on projects relating to trunk infrastructure, built over 34,000 acre that he had managed to obtain from farmers under land pooling.

2.Ranked the No. 1 state in ease of doing business, here's how Telangana is driving growth for a new India

It was introduced as the 29th state of India in 2014. And in 2017-18, Telangana's GSDP (gross state domestic product), at current prices, stood at Rs 7,326.57 billion (a growth rate of 14.1 per cent) compared to the all India GDP at Rs 167,516.88 billion (a growth rate of 9.8 per cent).

3.The Law of the Land!

ARADHANA BHANSALI and RUCHIT PARIKH discuss the metamorphosis of law relating to acquisition of land in India. The Land Acquisition Act, 1894 (´Act of 1894´) was enacted by the British during their regime in India.

4.How should the budget be?

While the Narendra Modi Government has been instrumental in bringing in the ´feel-good wave´, the 2014 Budget did not prove to be a harbinger of positive news. Provisions of the carry-forward Budget included support for renewal of infrastructure

5.Need for momentum

VINAYAK DESHPANDE strongly believes that India Inc and the EPC sector must be prepared for the next growth wave. A leading international consulting firm noted: ´There are no easy solutions for the Indian economy as it struggles to regain its lost momentum.´ To see the picture in the true perspective, nothing had prepared the infrastructure and construction industry for this slowdown in the economy that we are witnessing in recent times.

6.Building smart

"It's not simply fiscal deficit. There are governance, trust, security and moral deficits," said Narendra Modi, the BJP's prime ministerial candidate, at a packed India Economic Convention in Delhi and summed up the deficit in the economic mood, the nation suffered.

7.Top Priority Projects

Some truths are uncomfortable but need to be expressed - for many of us, delay is par for the course. We show up late for appointments; we're inured to late trains, buses and flights; and we are comfortably resigned to the fact that most things (from plans to projects) are never completed when promised. So why should we focus on delayed infrastructure projects, you may ask?

8.Ticket to Ride!

As metro projects get underway in leading Indian cities, the public looks forward to the new mode of transport. By adding to the experience of owners and developers, each project is also helping to shape the future of metro rail contracts,

9.If you have what it takes, stereotypes stay at a superficial level

Hectic doesn't even begin to describe her schedule - it takes months of follow-up to secure an interview with Sonia Sethi. We conduct half the interview in her office, the other half in the car en route to Mantralaya, where she's headed for a meeting. Elegant, candid and articulate, the joint managing director of MSRDC provides leadership to the corporation in terms of its vision, takes policy decisions,

10.I always focus on direct dialogue

Construction may still be a male-dominated world but women are beginning to storm the bastion by combining administrative and technical expertise with soft skills and a sky-high EQ.

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