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1.KEC International wins new orders of Rs 1,047 crore.

T&D business and SAE Towers have secured orders of Rs 669 crore for T&D projects in India, SAARC, Middle East and the Americas.

2.Trimble India hosts CXO Conclave in Mumbai

Trimble Solutions India, a subsidiary of US-headquartered, NASDAQ listed Trimble Inc, hosted a CXO conclave in Mumbai on November 28, 2019.

3.Reimagining the Construction Continuum

Constructible BIM is driving a change in how we design and build structures

4.The Indian market is evolving and is still young

One pathbreaking offering: We have a wide range of applications from formwork to scaffolding solutions such as wall formwork, slab formwork and climbing formwork

5.Wipro Lighting collaborates with Cisco on smart lighting solutions for modern workspaces

Wipro Lighting has announced that it has become a Cisco Digital Building Solutions provider for connected lighting. This collaboration brings together Wipro’s industry leading smart and connected lighting systems and Cisco Digital Building Solutions that link various building services through a single, converged IP network.

6.We expect the investment in infrastructure to be a significant enabler of economic growth

The Union Budget announced, focused on infrastructure development and enabling growth of SMEs, MSMEs, entrepreneurs and the farming sector. The overall agenda of ‘Transform, Energise and Clean India,’ for 2017-18 is very well reflected in the initiatives announced.

7.Energy efficiency is the need of the hour

While on one hand the demand for energy intensifies, on the other, the rising decibel to bring down carbon emission poses a complex situation today. In this exclusive conversation,

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